Interested in Magento GoCardless integration?

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Why are we doing this?

We were a bit shocked that a good integration was not available. It all started with a customer asking us for an integration both as a payment gateway and with their existing subscription module. Having implemented a good solution for them, we thought others may be interested.

GoCardless has been used for magazine and Software As A Service (SaaS) subscriptions. However, it may be useful for subscription of physical products too – where you ship on being paid. As a regular payment gateway too it is useful as full PCI compliance is not required and yet a redirect is not needed.

What options are currently available?

GoCardless suggests using BeSeen’s plugin. We have serious problems with that plugin :

  • it is integrated into its own subscription module.
  • Magento 1.x only.
  • Cannot be used as a regular Payment Gateway for non subscription orders
  • Does not support order cancellation / refund.
  • No admin orders using the customer mandate.

So, we thought we will ask the community what you want.

What are the possible features

  • As a regular payment gateway for Magento.
    First time redirect to get a mandate.
    Subsequently present a Amazon style saved mandate. No redirection.
    GoCardless payments are delayed – and Magento supports Payment Revieew. The order will be payment review until GoCardless automtically confirms the payment when an invoice will be generated.
  • Integrated into subscription modules.
    Aheadworks SARP (Subscription and Recurring Payments) and’s subscription and recurring billing are 2 extensions we think. We want your opinion. Subscriptions will be maintained in Magento and the mandate will be used each time. Magento’s Payment Review will be used.

How long will it take for a release?

We hope to make an initial release in Feb 2018. Integrations with your existing subscription modules may take a bit longer.

Please fill the form above and we will keep you informed.