Rrap Multi Tribe – a highly configurable personalizer for your Magento site

Yet sending same newsletters to all customers?

Yet sending same email newsletters to all your customers? Yet showing the same home page to all visitors? Statistics show that personalization of these aspects of your sales tools, increases the likelihood of someone buying on your site. But statistics also show a very small percentage of sites are doing it. If you are one of them, we do not blame you – there were simply no easy to use options to help you do it. With Multi Tribe, we unleash a easy to use but very powerful tool to help drive personalization.

Presenting Multi Tribe …

Multi Tribe is a Magento plugin that will profile your customers and based on their history of visits to your site, continue to build on the profile.

Then, based on an algorithm you can select – we have several available, you can create customer segments. A segment can be very granular – as small as one customer per segment.

What use would be customer segments if you did not what to sell them? Our action tools will allow you to decide what products and how you present them the choices. You could use our online blocks to display likely products or you could use our email campaign manager to send them customized newsletters. Using an external newsletter tool like Mailchimp? No worries, we will update them with our analysis and you can then send them targeted emails to a select few rather than broadcast to all.

Whether you are in the fashion industry or in a b2b business, personalization helps. Repeat buys / refills, associated products, auto correlation of product buys, affinity to brands or categories, etc.

Infact, we even keep track of how our algorithms worked for you. So, you can decide to keep the algorithms running or change them.

Interested? Email us at MultiTribe@rrap-software.com for a demo.